Monday, 31 October 2011

Reality TV Star’s Second Marriage Has Ended After Just 72 Days!!!

Kim Kardashian has filed for Divorce on this morning from her husband Kris Humphries after their 72 day of marriage. The couple married in a lavish ceremony in Montecito, California, but their relationship appears to have fallen apart.

Kim, 31-year-old reality star and entrepreneur has hired celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser and is set to cite the usual “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for seeking to end the short lived marriage. It is also that her separation date is expected to be listed as today, 31st October 2011-Halloween.
 Kim wanted the fairy tale and she got caught up in it all. She felt like the pressure of the TV show just isn’t what they could have handled. This filing comes after weeks of speculation concerning the couple’s marriage, with some suggestion that living in New York City with Kim’s sister Kourtney was proving too much for the newlyweds.

The reality star raised eyebrows when, dressed as Poison Ivy and she hosted a Halloween party over the weekend without Humphries and admitted that her husband was in Australia. It is known that this will be her second divorce, who split from music producer Damon Thomas in 2004 after just four years of marriage.
 Close to the couple they admitted that their arguments over where to live were responsible for the breakdown of the union, with Kris wanting to live in Minnesota while Kim didn’t want to leave Los Angeles.

They both tied the knot in a fairytale ceremony in front of 440 guests in Montecito, California with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney as matron and maid of honour and her nephew, 23-month old Mason, as ring bearer. This is really a very shocking news and she has hired for top divorce lawyer to represent her in court. At last, Second marriage also has come to an end in 72 days of marriage.

Beloved British TV star and Radio 1 DJ Has Died at the Age of 84!!!!

On 29th Oct 2011, Beloved British TV star Sir Jimmy Savile has died at the age of 84. He passed away at his home in Leeds, England. And this news comes just two days before what would have been Savile’s 85th birthday on Monday (31 Oct 2011).

Sir Jimmy was born in 1926, and was the youngest of seven children and worked in the coal mines during the war. He became a Radio 1 DJ before fronting the original series of Top of the Pops in 1964.It is also said that Sir Jimmy had been taken to Leeds General infirmary after suffering a bout of pneumonia. It is as yet unknown whether the illness was the cause of his death.

His DJ friend Dave Lee Travis paid tribute to the star and admitted that he was shocked when heard the news. He guesses that we get to a certain age and we watch the people getting older but with Jim, we couldn’t anticipate that he wasn’t going to be around…

He also admitted that Jim was one of the first DJs that actually became a personality and he was a slightly tormented soul and he had a lot on his plate. He was outrageously fit for his age… going running and stuff, doing what he did for charity.

Jim started his career working in a coal mine as a teenager, but went on to become a successful DJ and TV presenter. He was the first host of legendary British music show Top of the Pops and had a long career in radio, but will perhaps be best remembered for his beloved TV programme Jim’ll Fix It, which saw him make viewers’ wishes come true.

He was awarded an Order of the British Empire (Obe) medal by Queen Elizabeth II in 1971, and he received a knighthood in 1990. A number of other stars have also paid their respects to Savile. Comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted that, “Rip Jimmy Saville My first guest on my first TV Show and also expressed that Jimmy was a proper British eccentric.”

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins expressed her views this news made her very sad. She and her sister always wanted a Jim’ll Fix it Badge/Medal. Loved that show. Great memories.”

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall were saddened to hear of jimmy Savile’s death and their thoughts are with his family at this time.”

International Pop Star, Only Artist in the Digital Era, now in India>>>>>

Yesterday, 30th October 2011, Lady Gaga, who a mesmerizing voice of International pop star is set to perform at the Formula 1 after-party at the Buddh International Circuit, New Delhi on Sunday night. It is also said that Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal is hosting the three-day after parties at Jaypee Integrated Sports Complex in Greater Noida and the main impressive thing is that Lady Gaga is set to hit the stage.

 Rampal tweeted that Kids met Lady Gaga and are over the moon and she was amazing with them and said that can’t wait for her performance, by this, news was confirmed. It is also said that she would perform at the Formula 1 after party and with new hair style the icon has already grabbed lots of eye-balls in this nation.
 Lady Gaga, in her first press conference she said, Namaste India! I have always wanted to come to this beautiful country for a very long time and finally it’s been possible. She love people more than the places and she thanked the public for their love and support.
Lady Gaga made a stylish entrance by wearing a pair of black shades. She wore a sparkling neckpiece with simple earrings to match but what attracted was her bouffant which had streaks of saffron and green colours of the Indian flag. And this dress was designed by Naeem Khan, and Indian designer based out of New York.
Lady Gaga had been presented a plaque for the success of her albums ‘The Fame’ and ‘The Fame Monster’ and that has been collectively certified as Double Platinum and her latest album, ‘Born This Way’, is already certified Gold in India. She met with hoards of her screaming fans and obliged each one of them with autographs and photographs. Some of her fans were even dressed up like the Lady herself.
About three years, Lady Gaga has earned numerous achievements including five Grammy Awards amongst twelve nominations, two Guinness World Records and the estimated sale of 23 million albums and 64 million singles worldwide. She has named the “2010 Artist of the Year” and the top selling artist of 2010 ranking her as the 73rd Artist of the 2000’s decade by Billboard.
 Lady Gaga is the only artist in the digital era to top the 5 million sales mark with her first two hits. She made a great appearance in India with a warm and hearty welcome by Screaming Indian fans I think she was happy with those fans of India and she was never expected this crowd.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Reality Star’s Poisonous Midori Green Halloween Party!!!

On 29th October 2011, Kim Kardashian shocked fans by dressing up as Batman villain Poison Ivy for a Halloween bash. Whilst the competition for best celebrity Halloween costume is rife in Tinseltown at the moment, Kim Kardashian reminded the press that she always seems to be one step ahead from her fellow rivals.
 Kim, who newly married 30-year-old was hosting the ‘Midori Green’ party last night in New York and it was in order to promote the melon-flavoured liquor brand. Having a Halloween theme and Kim, who decided to go all out by appearing as Batman’s enemy Poison Ivy.

Kim Kardarshian appeared with a tight ivy dress having a red wig and a flourish or leaves that encased her eyes. To make the costume complete, her best friend and PR agent Jonathan Cheban walked alongside her as Batman’s sidekick Robin. This really made a complete concept and she took center spotlight at Lavo in New York City on Saturday night.
 Kim’s husband Kris Humphries, who would have been the natural choice for Batman and was nowhere to be seen however. Humphries, a NBA player who recently married the starlet, admitted that he had been scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a fraudster who he had invited to his wedding.

Kris Humphries admitted that he was one of the people who invested in a possible $1.7 million scam by Andrey C. Hicks, who is currently facing twenty years in prison and a o250,000 fine if convicted.

It is also said that Kim Kardashian is set to appear in ‘The Marriage Counsellor’, a comedy-drama and this movie is produced by Tyler Perry, scheduled for release next year. I think this movie is going to be turning point to her and shows in built talent. Let's wait for the movie.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hollywood Actor, Father Of Six is Expecting 2 Have More Kids>>>>>>

Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie
Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt is expecting to have more kids, who is already raising six kids with partner Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie by name Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5 and three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. And it’s also known that they’re in no hurry to add to their brood, Brad admits it will probably happen in the future.

When a question a raised to Brad Pitt regarding that they like more kids, so Brad admitted that “Probably most likely. Parenthood is the greatest and most important endeavor of my life. Why stop at this point?”
Brad Pitt further added that he loves spending time with all the children as they make him laugh. And he feels that the handling the child is easier one at a time and he love his time with each of them and he also said that they are the funniest people he knows.

47-year-old actor further added that he is enjoying every moment of his life right now and has learned to take responsibility for his actions. He was open with Britain’s OK! Magazine that he enjoys being where he is now and no more excuses and he is responsible and can’t blame anything on his parents. And he also responsible for his mistakes and his choices.
 He is also a big believer that others mistakes define them as much as anything, it’s where we get real understanding of ourselves. And intimacy, he believes we’ve really got to make our life. And so much of it is perception.

This was the way he built for himself this made him to accept it and work within those confines and it was up to him. Anyway lets congrats him to have many more kids and care for them, enjoy with them. This really motivates others to adopt and have more kids around them.  

11 Months Baby Lisa-Carried By A Suspicious Man>>>>>

Baby Lisa Irwin
Disappearance of 11 months baby made a shock to all, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, parents of Lisa Irwin has filed a case and requested for a search warrant Kansas City police. The search was carried out Wednesday and police left with several items including a large portion of carpet. And Lisa’s parents mentioned that between 6:40 p.m on Oct 3rd Baby Lisa was disappeared. 
Bradley had previously admitted to investigators that Lisa was wearing purple shorts and a purple T-shirt when she last saw her on the night of Oct 3rd. New clue from another possible suspect, that the eyewitnesses saw a suspicious-looking man in a T-shirt holding a baby that matched Lisa’s description but the baby was in nothing but a diaper which made shock carrying the baby in such a cold weather the night of Oct 4th.
 Around 12.15 a.m two neighbours saw the man carrying the baby not far from Lisa’s home. About four hours later around 4 a.m Mike Thompson on his way home from work saw the man and baby about three miles away from the house and he also added that he couldn’t catch him because he was on his motorcycle. The man seemed as being about 5’7” or 5’8” and probably in his late 30s or early ‘40s. Police, are still investigating the possible sightings.

A cadaver dog also indicated a positive ‘hit’ for the scent of a deceased human next to her mother’s bed. The police cited a garden area with portions of dirt having an appearance of being recently disturbed or overturned.
 Bradley was also seen on security footage of a local supermarket shopping for boxed wine, baby wipes and baby food with a mysterious man and was later confirmed as her brother hours prior to baby Lisa’s disappearance. But the case of the missing baby Lisa, police say they still have no leads or major suspects. It is ridiculous; we have pray with God to show the mysterious man into light. Let’s see what happens.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

“Footloose” – Teenage boy wants nothing more than to dance>>>

I’m here to discuss about the movie “Footloose”, was released on 14th of October 2011. The movie ‘Footloose’ was directed by Craig Brewer. The movie starred by Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Andie MacDowell, Dennis Quaid……

                This movie is the remake of 1984 film. In this movie Footloose Kenny Wormald plays Ren McCormack and he moved to Georgia to live with his aunt and uncle in Bomont, Georgia after the death of his mother.
                 The youths of Bomont have suffered under a town ordinance barring all public dancing from past three years, the consequence of a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of five intoxicated high-school students leaving a dance party.

                Ren Vexes through that consequences like all red-blooded teenage boys and he wants nothing more than to dance, dance and he’ll be damned if he’ll let some reactionary law prevent him from pursuing his passion. 
                 He vows to have it overturned in time for the students of Bomont to a mount a Senior Prom, placing him on a collision course with Reverend Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid), the uptight local preacher who spearheaded the anti-dancing campaign after losing his only son in the crash.

                In this new “Footloose”, the choreography is more sophisticated, the outfits more revealing, the cinematography more polished, the cast more diverse. Memorable scenes have been suitably punched-up- the superfluous tractor race is now a superfluous bus race, Ren’s iconic “angry dance” sequence is, well, angrier.

                Wormald makes for a surprisingly endearing rebel-protagonist. Dancing with the Stars Julianne Hough plays Moore’s fiery, troubled daughter Ariel whom Ren hopes to pry from her brutish boyfriend, Chuck Cranston. A scene-stealing Miles Teller adds a deft comic touch as Ren’s wisecracking and resolutely dance-averse sidekick, Willard.
                 Brewer’s Footloose still retains its predecessor’s earnest, unironic and avowedly anachronistic ethos. As before, the storyline, steeped as it is in melodrama and sentiment, often borders on embarrassing. And yet, there’s an irresistible allure to its prevailing tone of joyful exuberance, expressed most potently in the film’s lively dance sequences.

                One thing Footloose sings a familiar tune, but it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. And in this movie Hough isn’t given the opportunity to shine as a dancer. This movie hands toe-by-toe with the movie “Real Steel”.